Homemade Gummy Bears

This recipe uses my favorite protein powder, grass fed gelatin, to make yummy gummy snacks!  And, it’s easy!  And, it’s fast!


Juice 4 large oranges and 2 lemons so you get 2 cups of fresh citrus juice.  

You can use any fresh fruit juice.  I recommend fresh juice as opposed to pasteurized, bottled juice.  Fresh pressed apple or pineapple juice is delicious.

Add 3 heaping tablespoons of raw honey, and gently heat this mix in a saucepan on low until warm to the touch.

Slowly pour in approximately 16 -18 tablespoons of gelatin, stirring well after each tablespoon.  So, for every 1/3 cup of fresh juice use approximately 3 tablespoons of gelatin.  I eye this measurement so that I don’t get too much gelatin or too much juice.  Your mixture will be thick and tasty. 

Stir this mixture until there are no lumps (I use my fingers to make sure that it is smooth – it should not get very hot) and then pour the mix into ice cube trays or fun molds like stars, hearts, or bears.  Pop in the freezer for about 5 minutes, and…you’ve got homemade gummies!  Store in the refrigerator after popping them out of the mold.

Other fresh juice choices are raspberries blended with honey and water, juiced apples mashed with banana, or blended cherries and peaches!


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